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Norex Enterprises, Inc. has been serving the needs of the hospitality and foodservice industries around the globe since 1971.

In 1997, with the introduction of the Norex SafeLite®, an innovative rechargeable LED candle produced in the USA, Norex brought to the hospitality and cruise line industries a brand new product category. Using the newest LED technology, the Norex SafeLite® made it possible to replicate the beautiful, bright and natural flicker of live flame candlelight without striking a match. The Norex SafeLite® LED candle made it possible to provide the relaxing, romantic, "this moment is special" ambience of candlelight in a clean, safe, eco-friendly and economical way.

The features and benefits of the Norex SafeLite® have been designed to provide business users with a high quality, reliable, safe and cost efficient alternative to open flame candles.

The design of the Norex SafeLite® Rechargeable LED Candle System is for ease of operation. SafeLite® candles are placed on powered, space efficient charging units whenever not in use. A single light may last four or more years, meaning that it can replace more than 1,000 tea lights or fuel cells. SafeLite® by Norex may provide 24+ hours of uninterrupted flickering candlelight on one full charge.

Highly satisfied commercial establishments using our products spread the word quickly and now, many years later, the Norex SafeLite® is seen flickering in the world's great venues - hotels, clubs, ships, spas, restaurants.

The complete ambience lighting solution
While the Norex SafeLite® is the safe, clean, cost saving light source for tabletop votive lamps, Norex also offers a wide selection of elegant, decorative votive/candle lamps. Please see selection on our Decorative Candle Lamps page.

Norex, the Innovator works with its customers and strives to design new products based on customers' needs, comments and suggestions. Latest product introductions by Norex include the hard-wired AC powered SafeLite®-AC CandleWall™ and the rechargeable SafeLite®-WP waterproof, water immersible LED candle.

The SafeLite®-AC CandleWall™ is the hardwired AC powered version of Norex's signature product, the realistically flickering rechargeable SafeLite® LED candle. SafeLite®-AC provides up to 100,000 hours of beautiful, realistically flickering LED candlelight. Up to 120 SafeLite®-AC realistically flickering LED candles, using the power of a 25 watt incandescent bulb may be turned on, dimmed and controlled by the flick of just one electric switch. Backup battery power is available as an option.

The rechargeable Norex SafeLite®-WP is the waterproof, water immersible version of the classic Norex SafeLite® rechargeable LED candle. SafeLite®-WP "S" Model with natural or red LED can provide 20-24 hours of reliable realistic flickering candlelight on a 12 hour full charge or 14-16 hours of candlelight on a partial charge of 8 hours. SafeLite®-WP "X" Model can provide 40-42 hours of reliable realistic flickering candlelight on a 24 hour full charge. 2 standard LED colors, 5 special LED colors and remote control capability are available options.

Please contact Norex Customer Service directly at 1-845-353-2121 or via email at for information on the latest innovative products from Norex.

The Green Revolution
SafeLite® by Norex is an important part of green initiatives in the cruise line, hospitality and foodservice industries. It is an initiative understood and greatly appreciated by employees, guests and public alike.

SafeLite® customers appreciate not just the candlelight beauty of its flicker, but also its commercial-grade, USA made dependability.

Our clients value knowing that when they purchase the Norex SafeLite®, they receive the commitment of a 40 year old company. They value knowing that the product they get is manufactured in the USA under the strictest quality control standards and that it will serve them reliably for many years.

SafeLite® by Norex is backed by our manufacturer's warranty and is supported by factory trained customer service representatives that are only a phone call or email away.


For our non-business customers:

You may have seen the SafeLite® illuminating the dining tables on a great cruise ship, providing a peaceful atmosphere at your favorite spa or romantic ambience at your favorite restaurant.

Through this website you may now purchase this fine product for your home or personal use. The pricing offered on this site is web retail pricing with the convenience of purchasing online. Our products are commercial grade quality products made for use by commercial establishments and are not distributed through retail channels.

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